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Kokubo Standing Rice Spatula Set 2pcs



KOKUBO Standing Rice Spatula for Family KK-267 (2pc set - one large, one small) 

Made in Japan 

A set of large and small rice scoopers for serving rice in small portions "Rice Spatula 2 pcs set (One large, One small)"
The tip of the rice spatula is rounded and pointy, making it easy to scoop and shape a small amount of rice.
The large rice spatula is useful for rice cookers, while the child rice spatula is useful for packing rice in lunch boxes and small molds, and for serving large plates of rice at the table.
Since it stands on its own, it can be placed next to a rice cooker or on a dining table.
Both the front and back sides have an uneven surface that prevents rice from sticking to the surface, making it comfortable to use.
The rim is thin and curved to make it easy to scoop.
It is also lightweight, making it easy to use on a daily basis.
It can also be washed in the dishwasher.




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