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Kokuyo Campus Notebook Dotted Line B5 30 Sheet 5 Color Pack

Made in Japan


KOKUYO Japan Campus Notebook Dotted Line B5 30 Sheet 5 Color Pack

Made in Japan 

Size (one note):179×252×4mm







Campus notebooks are "strong.
Thanks to the composition of the glue that binds the paper together and the ingenuity of the way it is applied, Campus Notebooks are bound with a "wireless binding" that prevents the individual sheets of paper from coming apart even if the page is torn in the middle.





The advantages of perfect binding
Wireless binding is easier to write on because the left and right pages open flat as any page.

Campus notebooks are bound from top to bottom, so they are more durable, and if you cut out one page, it will not affect the other pages. (With thread-bound notebooks, if you cut out one page, the page on the other side will also be cut out.)





Reinforced spine cloth is used
The spine cloth of the Campus Notebook is made of paper laminated with a special film, so it is resistant to tears and abrasions, and can be used beautifully until the end of its life. The surface of the spine cloth is processed so that it can be easily written on with a writing utensil such as a ballpoint pen, and a light color is used to make it easy to see the written text and to write titles.

(* Writing on the back cloth may blur or be difficult to fix depending on the writing instrument.)




How strong is a campus notebook? Experiment
Experiment with a sheet of paper inside a campus notebook by hanging a plastic bottle from it to see how much weight it can withstand.





How strong is the Campus Notebook? Result
We were able to hang 10 plastic bottles.

Campus notebooks can withstand a weight of about 20 kilograms, so each sheet of paper is resistant to peeling and has a long-lasting, reliable quality.

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