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Okamoto Zero One 0.01 Condom, 3pk



Okamoto Zero One 0.01 Condom

Okamoto condoms "001 (okamotozerowan) is the condom's thickness 0.01 mm units as the name implies.
In addition to amazing softness, not tightening feeling while wearing. So the feel and warmth of the partners as to tell, two people close to each other even much closer 

Okamotozerowan achieved a uniform 0.01 mm units until the tip from technology. ISO measurement methods, from the tip top thickness 30 mm, middle Center thickness, root-bottom thickness of 30 mm 3 in all both 0.01 mm units. To keep 0.01 millimeter units even thicker tip of condoms in General has led to use sensitivity up. 


Made in Japan