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OneTang Rice Dumpling, Millet&Jujube flavor

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Soy.May contain traces of Milk,Eggs,Fish,Shellfish,Tree Nuts,Peanuts,Wheat (Gluten).


Select the golden jujube with full fruit and sweet flesh, and combine it with the selected high-quality Thai rice from Northeast China to make candied dates, which are used as the main material of candied jujube dumplings. The entrance is crystal clear and soft and glutinous, candied dates, millet, and glutinous rice are wrapped in zong leaves, and the three aromas are combined to exude a unique and attractive zong fragrance.

Ingredients list:

How to eat:

Cooking: Remove the vacuum bag, place the zongzi on the steamer, steam for 20-25 minutes, remove the zongzi and eat