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PIGEON Baby Full Body Soap Peach Leaf 450ml



PIGEON Pigeon 0+ Baby Peach Leaf Essence Shampoo and Body Wash 450ml is a shampoo and body wash specially designed for babies and children. Its main ingredients include peach leaf essence, glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine, etc., which can effectively Moisturizes skin and protects baby's delicate skin. This product has the following features: 1. Mild and non-irritating: it does not contain soap base, does not irritate the baby's skin, and has mild cleaning power, which can easily remove dirt and sweat. 2. Moisturizing: ingredients such as glycerin and cocamidopropyl betaine can penetrate deep into the skin, providing moisture and moisturizing to the baby's skin, making the skin soft and delicate. 3. Care for baby's skin: Peach leaf essence is rich in vitamins and minerals, which can effectively care for baby's skin. It also has anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effects, and can relieve baby's skin discomfort. 4. Safe and reliable: This product has undergone strict quality inspection and safety testing, does not contain harmful substances, and is safe and reliable to use. How to use: Take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it to the wet baby's hair and body, massage gently until foaming, then rinse with clean water. Note: This product is for external use only, avoid contact with eyes, if it gets into eyes accidentally, please rinse eyes with plenty of water. Discontinue use if skin discomfort occurs. Infants and young children should use it under adult supervision.