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Sagami Original 0.01 Condom



Sagami Original 0.01 Condom

Size: Thickness 0.01mm / Length 170mm / Diameter 36mm

Material: Polyurethane

The thinnest condoms that Sagami have ever made! Sagami Original 001 are non-latex polyurethane condoms with the thickness of just 0.018 millimeter.

Each condom comes individually sealed in a lubrication filled hard shell package to protect them!
All you need to do is just pull off the lid and put it on!
No need to worry about damaging the condoms when you open them unlike other condoms!

Compared to normal rubber condoms; sagami original has a Burst Pressure that is 3 times stronger!!!
Polyurethane also has a higher heat conduction; causing a warmer sensation!

Made in Japan