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Yoku Moku Christmas Limited Original Egg Roll 20pcs

Freshness Guarantee
Brand:Yoku Moku
Milk,Eggs,Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


Home parties with friends, children's Christmas parties, gifts at work, and the usual "Cigare" are a little special package only for this time of year. Share the deliciousness with everyone, and smiles overflow.

Have a warm Christmas with Yoku Moku's western sweets. Yoku Moku's long-selling "Cigare" is packed in a Christmas-only package. This year, the design of the can is new and new. It depicts Yurt Tomte loading into a sleigh to deliver presents on Christmas night when the Northern Lights are shining. Yurttomte looks adorable in each individual package. Yoku Moku's limited edition Christmas product that will make you smile. A Christmas present for your loved ones. For year-end gifts, souvenirs, and rewards for yourself. This is a unique item from Yoku Moku, depicting a Christmas scene where Yurt Tomte is close to you.