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Yushang Shandong Dezhou Fully Cooked Whole Chicken

No MSG added
Freshness Guarantee
Weekly sold 700+


Shandong Dezhou Fully Cooked Whole Chicken is delicious, easy to remove bones, fresh and tender, and convenient to eat. Try it out and enjoy!

Serving directions:

1. Microwave: Remove package, tear the chicken into bite-size pieces and heat in microwave for 3 minutes.

2. Remove package, eat directly.

Ingredients: Whole chicken, salt, ginger, dried aniseed, dried cinnamon, dried sliced licorice, dried fennel, dried sichuan pepper, dried cloves, dried ginger flake, dried angelica root, nutmeg, bay leaves, maltose, soybean oil, nisin preparation (to preserve freshness).

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated.