Guan's Shiitake Mushrooms 6 oz

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Guan's Shiitake Mushrooms 6 oz
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I have bought many kinds of mushrooms, and I like the taste of shiitake mushrooms the most.
The shiitake mushrooms are very fresh. This is the second time I bought it
Shiitake mushrooms look good, I hope they are delicious
It's good to put some fresh mushrooms when frying vegetables
It's so delicious, the taste and taste are all good.
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United States
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6 oz

Coming from Halfmoon Bay, you can imagine these shiitake growing in that crisp California coastal air. No need to go tromping through the fields for mushrooms. This package is at your fingertips. Shiitake mushrooms are known to capture a fifth new taste--umami. That basically means super rich, gotta-try-it-for-yourself tastiness.

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