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Simply Food 纯天然芒果干



  • MADE FROM 100% PURE PREMIUM MANGOS - We only use Vietnam's Xoai Cat Hoa Loc mangoes. These mangos are exclusively grown in Vietnam and are known to be the "King of All Mangos". They are naturally really sweet and the fruit itself gives off a beautiful bright orange/yellow color.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR - These mangos are naturally really sweet, therefore, absolutely no sugar is added! The sweetness comes naturally from the mango!
  • NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES - We do not include any preservatives in our product.
  • HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE - The only ingredient in this product is Mango. Enjoy this product without feeling guilty!
  • DELICIOUS, SWEET, TANGY, AND CHEWY - These mango slices have an addicting bite! They taste great and have a chewier bite than any other mango slices!