Buy preserved eggs online

Buy preserved eggs online

Explore the world of preserved eggs, deeply rooted in culinary tradition, and an integral part of various cuisines around the globe. Preserved eggs, also known as century eggs or pidan, carry a rich cultural significance, symbolizing a bridge between old methods and modern tastes. On this page, you'll discover the captivating importance of preserved eggs, unique and flavorful recipes, essential equipment for making them at home, as well as detailed cooking instructions. Additionally, you'll uncover a range of related products and enriching recipes to broaden your culinary horizons. Dive in and embrace the marvelous world of preserved eggs.

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Asian Taste Preserved Duck Eggs 6ct

Asian Taste Preserved Duck Eggs 6ct

This preserved duck egg pack is a fantastic choice for those craving for authentic Asian cuisine. A favorite staple in Chinese cooking, these eggs possess a unique, flavorful taste offering a salty yolk surrounded by a slightly sweet, jelly-like egg white. They are perfect for "century egg" recipes, usually served with pickled ginger, congee, or incorporated into a tasty salad. Being preserved, these eggs have a prolonged shelf life catering to convenience and reducing waste. Plus, they are a great protein source, providing essential nutrients for a healthier diet.

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Yulong Preserved Duck Eggs 4pc

Yulong Preserved Duck Eggs 4pc

The Yulong preserved duck eggs, known as century eggs, are a must-try for fans of varied Asian cuisine. Their uniquely complex flavor can be intensely enjoyed in congee or as a side dish, enhancing the overall tastefulness. Their preserved state ensures freshness longer than conventional eggs, promising convenient preparation. Health-wise, these gems are nutrient-rich, quite a source of protein and vitamins. If you love experimenting with food or simply adore Asian flavors, this is your perfect match; a century old tradition in a bite!

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Goosun Century Eggs 6pcs

Goosun Century Eggs 6pcs

The Goosun Century Eggs offer delicious authenticity to Chinese cuisine, adding depth to dishes like congee and salads. This preserved egg boasts a unique, robust flavor, blending salty, spicy, and slightly sour notes, creating a distinct culinary experience. As it's pre-packaged and ready-to-use, it saves you time and hassle. It's rich in protein and low in calories, making it a healthier alternative to fresh eggs. Ideal for adventurous foodies who value convenience and nutrition.

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Preserved Century Eggs 4ct

Preserved Century Eggs 4ct

This item, containing 4 preserved eggs, notably known in Asian cuisine as Century Eggs, is a fine selection. They're integral to several dishes, used in congee or with pickled ginger root. Their unique flavor encompasses a blend of creamy, salty, and sulfur notes. As a preserved product, it's healthful and packed with protein, making it a nutritious pick. Convenient and ready to consume, it's perfect for culinary adventures.

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Kindly Eggs Preserved Duck Eggs 6ct

Kindly Eggs Preserved Duck Eggs 6ct

Indulge in rich-tasting, authentic Kindly Eggs preserved duck eggs. Integral to a plethora of Asian cuisine like century egg congee or yōuzhāgāo - a type of Chinese pastry. Their unique flavor, a blend of creamy and umami, delights the palate. Great for everyday consumption and packed with proteins, they're a nutritious addition to your diet. Experience the convenience of ready-to-use preserved eggs in your culinary adventures.

Popular recipes

Preserved Egg Fried Rice

Take your fried rice to the next level with preserved eggs. The savory and slightly funky flavor of the preserved eggs adds depth to the dish. Stir-fry it with some veggies, soy sauce, and a dash of sesame oil for a quick and satisfying meal.

Preserved Egg and Tofu Soup

This comforting soup combines silky tofu and preserved eggs in a flavorful broth. With the addition of some mushrooms and bok choy, it becomes a hearty and nutritious meal that's perfect for chilly days.

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Frequently asked questions

What are preserved eggs?

Preserved eggs, also known as century eggs or thousand-year-old eggs, are a Chinese delicacy made by preserving duck, chicken, or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, salt, coal ash, and other ingredients for several weeks or months.

Are preserved eggs safe to eat?

Yes, preserved eggs are safe to eat. The preservation process involves inhibiting bacterial growth and breaking down the proteins in the eggs through fermentation, making them safe for consumption.

Can I eat preserved eggs raw?

Preserved eggs are commonly eaten cooked rather than raw. However, they can be consumed raw in some dishes, but it's advisable to cook them for safety reasons.

Are there different types of preserved eggs?

Yes, there are different types of preserved eggs. The most well-known types are the traditional century eggs, which have a dark brown color, as well as the lighter-colored and milder tasting marble eggs.

Can preserved eggs be refrigerated?

Preserved eggs do not require refrigeration if unopened. However, once opened, it's recommended to refrigerate them to prolong their freshness.

Are preserved eggs vegan?

No, preserved eggs are not vegan as they are made from real eggs.

Do preserved eggs need to be cooked?

Preserved eggs are technically already cooked during the preservation process. However, they are often further cooked or heated before consumption in various recipes.

Can I make preserved eggs at home?

Preserving eggs at home can be a challenging process that requires specific ingredients and techniques. It's usually easier to purchase them ready-made from Asian markets or online.

Are preserved eggs safe to eat?

Yes, preserved eggs are safe to eat. The preservation process involves inhibiting bacterial growth and breaking down the proteins in the eggs through fermentation, making them safe for consumption.

How do preserved eggs taste?

Preserved eggs have a unique flavor and aroma. The whites turn into a jelly-like consistency with a mild briny taste, while the yolks become creamy with a savory and slightly pungent flavor.

What are the health benefits of preserved eggs?

Preserved eggs are a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are also believed to aid digestion and have a cooling effect on the body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

How can I use preserved eggs in cooking?

Preserved eggs are commonly used in Asian cuisine. They can be sliced and added to congee, porridge, rice dishes, stir-fries, and salads for added flavor and texture.

What is the shelf life of preserved eggs?

Preserved eggs have a long shelf life. When properly stored in a cool and dry place, they can last for several months without spoiling.

Can I freeze preserved eggs?

Freezing preserved eggs is not recommended. The texture and flavor may be altered, and they may become too soft or watery when thawed.

Do preserved eggs contain gluten?

Preserved eggs are naturally gluten-free as they do not contain any gluten-containing ingredients.

Can preserved eggs cause allergies?

Preserved eggs may cause allergies in individuals who are sensitive to eggs or experience egg allergies. It's best to consult with a healthcare professional if you have known allergies.

Are preserved eggs sold in stores?

Yes, preserved eggs are commonly sold in Asian grocery stores or specialty markets. You can also find them online on platforms like Weee! Asian Market (

How should preserved eggs be stored?

To store preserved eggs, keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If opened, refrigerate them to maintain their freshness.