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Engage in the enriching world of eggs, versatile ingredients with deep-rooted cultural appeal and culinary significance across various cuisines. Discover the essentiality of this power-packed source of nutrition, unveil mouth-watering recipes that celebrate the humble egg in all its glory.

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#1 Pete and Gerry's Organic Large Brown Eggs

Pete and Gerry's Organic Large Brown Eggs

Pete and Gerry's Organic Large Brown Eggs

These organic eggs are premium-grade, offering superior quality and taste. Ideal for numerous Asian recipes like fried rice, noodles or bibimbap. They're free-range, with hens on a diet of certified organic feed, confirming their health benefits. Rich in protein, omega-3 fats, and essential vitamins, they aid in maintaining a balanced diet. As they aren't frozen, their fresh, wholesome flavor is preserved, providing a superior culinary experience.

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#2 Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Eggs, Large

Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Eggs, Large

Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Eggs, Large

Opt for Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Eggs for quality and freshness. Renowned as a nutritious food, these large eggs are rich in protein, aiding in muscle growth and strength. They're perfect for various Asian dishes, from fried rice to omelets, enhancing flavor with their freshness. As they're pasture-raised, they provide superior taste, and are a healthier option with more omega-3s and vitamin D. They do not come frozen, ensuring the utmost freshness when they arrive at your doorstep. Consider using them for recipes like egg-fried rice or scrambled eggs with spices.

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#3 The Farmers Cow Extra Large Eggs

The Farmers Cow Extra Large Eggs

The Farmers Cow Extra Large Eggs

"The Farmers Cow Extra Large Eggs" are a prime choice for aficionados of rich and nutritious food. Renowned for their creamier taste and nutritious profile, these eggs are versatile- ideal for all Asian egg dishes, including egg fried rice or ramen. Perfect for health-conscious individuals for their high protein content. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping for fresh eggs. Excellent addition when looking for egg options in online grocery shopping.

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#4 Rosemary Grand AA Medium Eggs

Rosemary Grand AA Medium Eggs

Rosemary Grand AA Medium Eggs

High-quality and versatile, Rosemary Grand AA Medium Eggs are an all-around must-have. Ideal for various Asian dishes, they add a unique savoriness to stir-fries, ramen, or a simple egg-fried rice. They are healthy, rich in protein, and essential nutrients. Can't go wrong with adding these to your online grocery shopping list. Ideal for those seeking "egg", these ensure delicious meals every time.


#5 Rosemary Farms Large Brown Cage-Free Eggs 12ct

Rosemary Farms Large Brown Cage-Free Eggs 12ct

Rosemary Farms Large Brown Cage-Free Eggs 12ct

The Large Brown Cage-Free Eggs from Rosemary Farms come in a handy pack of 12. These eggs are a nutritious choice, high in protein and free from added hormones or antibiotics. They are ideal for a variety of recipes, especially Asian delicacies like stir-fry, ramen, or fried rice. Their natural flavor elevates any dish. Omelets, boiled, or simply scrambled, they'll continue to be a kitchen staple. These eggs are not only delicious but also ethically sourced, contributing to your sustainable lifestyle goals.

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Popular recipes

Egg Fried Rice

Enjoy a flavorful and comforting dish with this Egg Fried Rice recipe. Stir-fry cooked rice, eggs, and a medley of vegetables in a hot pan with soy sauce for a quick and easy meal.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the nutritional benefits of eggs?

Eggs are a good source of high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals. They contain all nine essential amino acids and are rich in vitamins A, D, E, B12, and folate.

Are eggs good for weight loss?

Eggs can be a healthy part of a weight-loss diet as they are low in calories and high in protein, which can help you feel full and satisfied.

How should eggs be stored?

Eggs should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature below 40°F (4°C) to prevent bacterial growth. They should be kept in their original carton to protect them from absorbing odors.

Can I eat raw eggs?

The FDA advises against consuming raw or lightly cooked eggs due to the risk of salmonella infection.

Can eggs be part of a vegetarian diet?

Eggs are not considered vegetarian by strict definition, but lacto-ovo vegetarians (those who consume dairy and eggs) can include eggs in their diet.

How to tell if an egg is fresh?

You can test the freshness of an egg by placing it in a bowl of water. If it sinks, it is fresh. If it floats, it is best to discard as it may be spoiled.

Can eggs be enjoyed by people with allergies?

Egg allergies are common, especially in children. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional if you suspect an egg allergy.

Can eggs be a source of dietary cholesterol?

Yes, eggs are a source of dietary cholesterol. However, research shows that dietary cholesterol has less impact on blood cholesterol levels than saturated and trans fats.

How many calories are in an egg?

A large egg contains about 70-80 calories.

Are eggs bad for cholesterol?

Eggs are high in cholesterol, but research suggests that consuming eggs in moderation does not significantly affect blood cholesterol levels in most people.

How long do eggs stay fresh?

Fresh eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for up to four to five weeks.

Are brown eggs healthier than white eggs?

The color of the eggshell does not affect its nutritional value. The difference in color is simply due to the breed of the hen.

Can eggs be frozen?

Yes, eggs can be frozen. However, it is best to remove them from the shell and store them in airtight containers or freezer bags.

Can eggs be consumed after the expiration date?

Eggs are usually safe to eat for 2-3 weeks after the expiration date, as long as they are stored properly.

Which part of the egg has the most nutrients?

The yolk of the egg contains most of the nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.