Buy Soybean online

Buy Soybean online

Explore, consume and enjoy Soybean, a highly nutritious and versatile legume, celebrated globally for its rich protein content. With its roots in East Asia, Soybean holds a significant place in various cultures, symbolizing abundance and repose. This page broadens your horizon in understanding everything related to Soybean - its nutritional benefits, legacy it carries, and scope in culinary world. Browse through our wide range of easy-to-cook yet delectable Soybean recipes, learn specific tools and equipment required, and follow fool-proof cooking instructions. For Soybean enthusiasts, we highlight an array of related products and alternative dishes that amplify your gastronomic experience. Dive in!

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Jayone Non GMO Soybeans

Jayone Non GMO Soybeans

Jayoene Non GMO Soybeans offer a staples for many Asian cuisines. Ideal for making tofu, soy milk or tempeh. Naturally cultivated, non-GMO ensures no genetic modifications, making it a healthy choice. Convenient to buy, being available in a frozen state, which retains freshness and nutrients. A unique savory flavor perfect for savory or sweet dishes. Featuring in Korean and Japanese foods, providing rich plant protein for vegans. Ideal choice for the health-conscious, vegans and those craving Asian flavors.


Wei-Chuan Soybean Kernels, Frozen

Wei-Chuan Soybean Kernels, Frozen

Wei-Chuan Soybean Kernels are a versatile item to make numerous Asian recipes. Perfect to whip up a hearty tofu or stir-fry, these kernels pack a delicious, subtle flavor. Being frozen ensures convenience; simply thaw and add to dishes. As a rich source of protein and dietary fiber, it's not just tasty, but incredibly healthy too. An ideal soybean choice for your cooking needs.

$2.49 - $3.89
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Soy Bean Sprouts

Soy Bean Sprouts

A leading option when seeking Soybean-based healthy food, Soy Bean Sprouts provide a nutritious addition to meals. Bursting with antioxidants and fiber, they're the star of many Asian dishes, adding a delightful crunch to salads or stir-fries. Their subtle flavor blends smoothly into your recipes. If frozen, they offer users a convenient, extended shelf-life, allowing for sprouts to be available whenever inspired to cook. Longevity, nutrition, versatility - a powerhouse in your pantry.

$1.69 - $2.49
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HUNSTRY Soy Beans is ideal for healthy lifestyle lovers, packed with protein, fiber, and micronutrients. It's perfect for Asian cuisine such as miso soup, natto, or tofu. The beans impart a pleasant, nutty flavor enhancing the overall dish. If frozen, it offers convenience, staying fresh and ready to use. This unprocessed, nutrient-packed choice helps support good health. Ideal keywords: Soybean, Protein-rich, Fiber-rich, Asian Cuisine, Healthy.


Organic Town Organic Soybean

Organic Town Organic Soybean

The Organic Town Organic Soybean is perfect for individuals seeking quality soybeans. It's a wholesome addition to meals, essential for Asian dishes like stir-frys, miso soup, stews, or tempeh. Since organic, it promotes cleaner living. Organic soybean provides high-quality protein, fiber, and essential minerals blending seamlessly into the dishes' flavors. If frozen, it offers easy storage and prolonged freshness.

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Popular recipes

Soybean Tofu Stir Fry

This quick and easy stir fry combines the nutty flavor of soybean with savory tofu and traditional Asian spices. Serve it over steamed rice for a complete meal.

Soybean Fried Rice

Transform leftover rice into a flavorful and nutritious dish with soybean fried rice. This recipe combines soybeans, vegetables, and aromatic seasonings, cooked to perfection in a rice cooker.

Instant Pot Soybean Curry

This hearty and comforting curry features tender soybeans cooked in a flavorful blend of aromatic spices. The Instant Pot makes it quick and easy to prepare, perfect for busy weeknights.

Soybean Kimchi Fried Rice

Add a Korean twist to your fried rice with the addition of soybeans and spicy kimchi. This delectable dish can be easily prepared in a stir fry pan, resulting in a satisfying meal.

Rice Cooker Soybean Congee

Warm up with a comforting bowl of soybean congee cooked to perfection in a rice cooker. This traditional Asian rice porridge is packed with flavor and makes a filling breakfast or light meal.

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Frequently asked questions

What is soybean?

Soybean is a legume that is commonly used in cooking and is a good source of protein.

How can I cook with soybean?

Soybean can be cooked in various ways including steaming, boiling, stir-frying, or used to make soy milk, tofu, or other soy-based products.

Are there any side effects of consuming soybean?

In general, consuming moderate amounts of soybean is safe for most people. However, excessive consumption may cause digestive issues or hormonal imbalances.

Is soybean suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, soybean is a popular plant-based protein source and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Is soybean genetically modified (GMO)?

Some soybeans are genetically modified, but non-GMO options are also available.

Can infants consume soybean products?

It is generally safe for infants to consume soybean products, but it's important to consult with a pediatrician, especially if the child has a history of allergies or sensitivities.

Are soybean sprouts the same as soybeans?

Soybean sprouts are germinated soybeans and are commonly used in Asian cuisines, but they have a different taste and texture compared to fully matured soybeans.

Can soybean lower cholesterol levels?

Soybean contains compounds that may help lower cholesterol levels, but results may vary, and it's best to incorporate it into a balanced diet.

Where can I buy soybean?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,

What are the health benefits of consuming soybean?

Consuming soybean can provide health benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease, improving bone health, and promoting healthy digestion.

Is soybean safe for people with soy allergies?

No, soybean should be avoided by individuals with soy allergies as it may cause allergic reactions.

Does soybean contain gluten?

No, soybean is naturally gluten-free.

Can soybean be used as a substitute for meat?

Yes, soybean-based products like tofu and tempeh are often used as meat substitutes in vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Is soybean high in calories?

Soybean is relatively low in calories compared to many other protein sources. However, the calorie content may vary depending on the specific preparation or type of soybean product.

Can soybean help with menopause symptoms?

Soybean contains compounds called isoflavones that may help mitigate menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, but individual results may vary.

What other foods can I make with soybean?

Soybean can be used to make a variety of foods such as soy sauce, miso paste, soy-based desserts, and even soybean oil.

Can soybean be frozen?

Yes, soybean can be frozen for longer storage, but it's recommended to blanch them before freezing to preserve their quality.