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Alaska Wild Caught Black Cod Sablefish Steak, Frozen 1 lb

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Alaska Wild Caught Black Cod Sablefish Steak 1lb pack

Sablefish are a deep-sea species that live along the continental slope of North America from northern Mexico to the Bering Sea. It is not uncommon for fishermen to pull these sleek blackish-gray creatures with lighter underbellies to the surface from depths of more than 3,000 feet, using hooks, traps and trawls. They are often referred to as black cod by both consumers and fishermen. While they may share a similar appearance to cod, sablefish are not a member of the cod family.

Sablefish have a flaky, oily flesh when cooked with a mild flavor, a soft buttery texture, and pearly white color. They’re not as versatile as other species because of their delicate meat and are often less forgiving in the kitchen than species with firmer flesh, but with practice and patience they’re one of the most rewarding species to bring into your kitchen. If you’re curious, many local chefs serve sablefish pan-seared with pasta or with a delectable miso marinade and even soy-ginger glazes.

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