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Black Ball Aiyu Jelly 13.8 oz
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Made In:United StatesUnit Qty:13.8 oz

For centuries from Eastern Asia tradition, Aiyu jelly, aka “Loving Jade”, is Taiwan's traditional summer dessert, that is available almost in every night-market.  At BlackBall, we bring you this classic Jelly that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. 


with its naturally soothing and cooling effects, we handcraft our Aiyu Jelly with fresh locally sourced limes, lemons, and premium Demerara cane sugar to bring you this healthy dessert. If you need some thirst-quenching treats yet delicious at the same time, get on some lovin’ jade. 


Our jellies are freshly cooked locally in the USA using the finest natural premium ingredients for the best quality and taste.  Our products have been certified by Vegan.org 


Origin: Freshly produce in California, USA 


Shelf Life: 45 Days 


Storage Condition: Refrigerated, do not freeze and avoid high temperature 


Check Mark: Our Jelly is simple. Made from plants. With No Gelatin. No Gluten. No preservatives.  


Certificate: Our products have certified by Vegan.org