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Maple Leaf All Natural Grade A Whole Duck, Head and Feet off frozen

Freshness Guarantee
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Maple Leaf Farms Whole Duck

Product Information:

- USDA Grade A Whole Duck

- Includes giblets and neck

- Size: 3-3.5 lbs. (May have a few size more than 3.5 lbs)

- All Natural - no artificial ingredients added

- Gluten free

- No hormones added

- No antibiotics administered for growth promotion

- Shelf life: 2 years frozen

Grade A Information:

- Versus other Grades of poultry or Ungraded Poultry, USDA Grade A poultry guarantees more stringent quality control requirements such as:

Clean skin, free of bruises or pinfeather

No broken bones

No cuts or discoloration.




Duck Farming – Maple Leaf Farms

- Ducks are Raised On A Family Farms In Northern Indiana

- Ducks are Humanely Raised Through Our Trident Stewardship Program

- Free To Roam / Cage Free

- Ducks have Natural Airflow & Light Through Barns

- Ducks have Enrichment Toys To Play With On The Farm




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