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Tiger Skin Chili Peppers 1 lb

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Made In:MexicoUnit Qty:1 lb


Tiger Skin Chili Peppers Introduction

Tiger Skin Chili Peppers are one of the most popular vegetables. They have bright green color, delicate flesh and crisp taste. At Weee, we provide customers with high-quality Tiger Skin Chili Peppers at a very competitive price.

How to Store Tiger Skin Chili Peppers?

Tip 1. The pepper does not need to be cleaned, just take out some of the rotten ones, and leave the better quality ready for preservation. Then prepare a fresh-keeping bag, put all the peppers that need to be preserved, and then exhaust the air and seal it. Finally, put the peppers in the refrigerator to freeze.

Tip 2. Put the selected peppers in the fresh-keeping bag, tie the mouth of the bag tightly, and then pierce a few small holes on the fresh-keeping bag to let the peppers breathe. Next, prepare a basin of water and put the peppers in the water. After a short while, the fresh-keeping bag will be filled with water. Finally, put the peppers together with this basin of water in a cool place. Using this method, the pepper can be stored for 1 month, and the taste of the pepper is the same as fresh.

How to Make Tiger Skin Peppers?

Step 1. Wash the green pepper.

Step 2. Cut off the pedicle and remove the seeds.

Step 3. Peel and cut garlic into small pieces.

Step 4. In a bowl, mix soya sauce, sugar, vinegar, and salt to make a sauce. Set aside.

Step 5. Add oil, preheat over medium heat. Then stir-fry green pepper.

Step 6. Gently press the green pepper.

Step 7. Turn over green pepper several time to heat it evenly.

Step 8. Cook until both sides of green pepper skin turn wrinkles.

Step 9. Stir the green pepper to the side of the pot. Add the garlic and sauce to cook until fragrant.

Step 10. Add the sauce of step 4, stir together. Boil until the soup thickens.


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