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USDA Choice Beef Short Plate Rib LA Style

Freshness Guarantee


The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) grades beef based on its quality, taking into account factors such as marbling, maturity, and color. USDA Choice is one of the higher grades, indicating good quality beef with moderate marbling, tenderness, and flavor.


Plump gravy, chewy texture


In addition to having soft and tender meat, the unique fragrant Q fascia, the meat is firm and double enjoyment!!!!
After frying, the fat slowly flows out,
Attractive meat aroma, let you take one bite after another
It's a great dish for self-tasting and treating guests!


Good quality and valuables


Put some Korean soju and honey to stimulate the aroma of beef; some light soy sauce, while seasoning, adds a rosy and bright color to the beef short plate.

According to the authentic Korean marinating method, you can add some minced apples and pears to make the beef more sweet and fleshy; you can also add Korean barbecue sauce or black pepper sauce to marinate for two hours if you cook at home. , Provoking people's appetite greatly increased.

Put the beef short plate in the pot, and hear the sound of hot oil at the bottom of the pot. When you pick it up, the meat has been dyed with a slight yellow layer. This is the critical point of burnt and charred. On the other hand, don't wait for the meat to dry up, cut it into three pieces with scissors, put a piece in the seasoning bowl, and put it in your mouth.


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