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Zab Mike Brand, Pasteurized Thai Fermented Fish Sauce 11.8oz

Thailand Pasteurized Thai Fermented Fish Sauce


Zab Mike Brand, Pasteurized Thai Fermented Fish Sauce Provides nutritional value, high in protein and iodine. Rich flavor, fragrant aroma, no flavoring, no artificial colors added. Zab Mike can be used to season various types of food such as papaya salad, sour curry, nam pla (nam jaen), kaeng om, kaeng liang, fried rice with fermented fish, chili paste with fermented fish, and various chili pastes that you like. Makes the food taste delicious. Nua (concentrated) Ingredients: fermented fish sauce 92%, sugar 4%, food flavor enhancer (NS 621) 3%, pickled garlic juice 1%, natural color (NS 150C), no artificial coloring, no flavoring, no preservatives. How to use: Use to cook Isaan food, Somtam, shake the bottle before cooking every time. Storage: Keep at normal temperature. Recommended information: After opening, store in the refrigerator. There may be sediment at the bottom of the bottle because it is made from real fish meat. Information for those with food allergies: Contains ingredients from fish products. Standard/Certification Halal, FDA, Product of Thailand
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