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iCook Garlic Flavor Grilled Tilapia Frozen

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Fish,Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


Make dinner easy tonight with this delicious, garlic-flavored, ready-to-eat grilled tilapia! Made from only the highest quality tilapia marinated with a variety of authentic spices with a fish and shellfish soup base, each bite is ridiculously flavorful. Add in your favorite veggies, fish balls, fresh noodles, and more for a tasty dish that's ready to eat in 8 minutes! Just pop it in the microwave and enjoy!

Are you too busy to prepare a meal? In a rush? Just heat this up in the microwave and throw on some rice for an easy, yet fulfilling AND delicious meal! Get your vitamins, omega 3s, and fatty acids all in one place!


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Ingredients: Tilapia, Water, Perilla Chili Sauce, Garlic, Fish And Shellfish Soup, Sodium Pyrophosphate, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Cooking tips:

Microwave for 8 minutes then you are ready to eat it!



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