Grand Food Pork Shoulder Blade Bones, Frozen 3 lb

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Grand Food Pork Shoulder Blade Bones, Frozen 3 lb
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Reviews (188)
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The pork fan bones are fresh and very delicious for making soup
J Chen?
The stewed radish soup has meat and is not too oily
Good quality pork fan bones would be great if they can be kept in stock frequently
The stewed pork shoulder bone stock is just right to make the hot pot soup base, it is mellow and delicious, great!
Seeing everyone said that I’m very thin. Actually, I’m quite fat. I originally wanted to make more soup with my bones, but there were a few pieces of meat that were not fresh in color.
The soup is very good, not too oily
It's almost all bones. I bought it for the first time and used it to make soup. I hope it tastes ok.
Pork shoulder bone, the soup will not be too oily. Often out of stock. When you see the replenishment, you have to place an order quickly
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United States
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3 lb
Grand Food Pork Shoulder Blade Bones, Frozen