Grand Food Pork Shoulder Blade Bones, Frozen 3 lb

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Grand Food Pork Shoulder Blade Bones, Frozen 3 lb
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Home Chef
These pork bones will be great for making any kind of soup. Some other reviews mentioned that it doesn’t produce much oil which I can’t wait to try. Who likes oily soup, right? I separated into three equal portions snd and put in freezer to use later. Try it on your next shopping!
This is very suitable for making soup, it doesn’t produce a lot of oil
There is no meat, almost all bones, made old fire soup, it is all strong.
The bones are very fresh, cooked Bak Kut Teh, great! Thanks to weee for improving the packaging 🤗
Weee 12B000412 Suyun zhen
Prepare the soup. . ,. ,.
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United States
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3 lb