Synear Mini Black Sesame Rice Balls 300 g

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Synear Mini Black Sesame Rice Balls 300 g
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Reviews (56)
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?stay weird,stay different
Eating glutinous rice balls is very tired for me. Such a small glutinous rice balls are just right
Miss Little Sesame Dumplings, and Guiguan Sesame Dumplings are delicious, they are often repurchased.
I like it very much, the little one can still have fillings. With the fermented rice on weee, I made fermented rice balls, delicious
Jie Zhang
Some cracked, but it doesn’t affect the taste. It’s soft, glutinous and sweet. Add some rice wine, sugar, osmanthus, and serve as a dessert before going to bed at night. Let’s grow meat with my family.
It's small and cute, and it doesn't show the filling when cooked. It is very delicious with fermented rice and will be repurchased.
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300 g