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Chunwei Pickled Chili Lemon Boneless Chicken Feet

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Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


Diced Chili Lemon Boneless Chicken Feet: These boneless chicken feet are meticulously deboned by hand, ensuring a tender and toothsome experience without any bones to hinder enjoyment. The delicate balance of tendons and crisp cartilage remains intact, providing a delightful combination of textures in every bite. Prepared through a cold brining process, they are infused with the distinctive flavors of Hunan cuisine, featuring the invigorating heat of diced chili peppers. Paired with the refreshing essence of lemon, this dish becomes even more appetizing, making it an excellent accompaniment for indulgent moments and a perfect snack to complement your drinks. It's also the ultimate binge-watching companion, satisfying your cravings with its tangy and spicy allure.

Upon receiving, please store in the freezer as this product is not suitable for room temperature storage. To enjoy, simply allow it to thaw naturally. Once opened, consume promptly; avoid repeated freezing or reheating as it may affect the taste and overall experience.