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Kuze Fuku & Sons Traditional Umami Dashi 4.23 oz

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Brand:Kuze Fuku & Sons
Fish,Shellfish,Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


Our Traditional Umami Dashi is a soup broth and seasoning which accentuates the umami flavor found in its carefully selected ingredients. Used simply as a soup broth, or as a seasoning in other dishes such as steak or pasta, our Dashi adds a rich, savory flavor to your favorite recipe.

Simply put a packet of Traditional Umami Dashi Soup Base & Seasoning in 2 cups of water and heat until it simmers. Remove the packet and you have a delicious, savory soup broth ready to complement your meal or as an ingredient in your recipe.

If you are not familiar with Japanese dishes or dashi, check out this Dashi 101 video!

Let our store manager guide you through the basics of our Traditional Umami Dashi and see how he makes a tasty miso soup!

Use it as the perfect base for miso soup.

Tear it open and it makes a savory seasoning for your recipes!

With Traditional Umami Dashi, you can easily make your own style of hot pot (or nabe)!

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