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Lamb Skewer, 26pcs Frozen

Freshness Guarantee


lamb skewers are made with high-quality mutton and conveniently already skewered on a stick for you. Marinate with your favorite spices such as cumin and chili powder, or just Mediterranean salt, then throw on the grill for a smokin' hot meal!

Storage conditions: keep frozen

Our award-winning Arrosticini is a specific type of skewer which are made from Lamb.   A fan favorite for any and every occasion!  Best grilled and simply topped with Mediterranean Sea Salt. The meat is all butchered and skewered by hand into small cubes and placed on a wooden skewer. Between the meat, a small piece of fat is placed to ensure the Lamb stays tender and bursts with flavor.

The 5 digits of the Lot# are utilized to indicate the packing date according to the Julian calendar.

Example - Lot#22083:

22 - 2022

083 - the 83 days of 2022

Please refer to this link for the number coding:



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