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Loong Kong Large Chicken, Frozen 2.9-3.4 lb

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Made In:CanadaUnit Qty:2.9-3.4 lb


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Who else enjoys eating salted yellow chicken?

Many Southern Chinese people relish yellow chicken as it pairs quite well with the mild Southern cuisine and is perfect with a bowl of fresh white rice

You can find many Chinese people enjoying salted yellow chicken on their birthdays and on holidays such as Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival! 

Image result for 口水鸡 gif

Each chicken seems to have three different colored sets of features, and as a result, their names in Chinese translates to "three colored chicken" 



These chickens are raised in free-range Canadian farms, so they tend to be larger, juicier, and more tender than their American counterparts.



There are a plethora of ways to prepare this chicken!

You can steam, bake, fry, and even slow-boil the chicken to make a pot of rich & nutritious pot of soup

Add some mushrooms, goji berries, dates, ginger, and other hearty ingredients, and you would be on your way to cook one of the healthiest and nutritious soups on the market

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