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Xi’an Sesame Paste Cold Noodle

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Peanuts,Wheat (Gluten).


Ingredients list:

   Noodles: wheat flour, wheat starch, drinking water

   Spicy packet: rapeseed oil, chili powder, sesame, pepper, peanuts, spices

   Seasoning packet: purified water, edible salt, edible vinegar, monosodium glutamate, spices

   Sesame paste packet: sesame paste, peanut butter, rapeseed oil

Allergens: Contains wheat, peanuts, and sesame 

Please store in a ventilated, cool and dry place.


The noodles are made from high-gluten flour and by eight traditional techniques of blending, washing, sinking, heating, blanching, rolling, and steaming. It has the taste of handmade noodles with its smooth elasticity and firm chew. The rich sesame paste is paired with spicy oil for added spice.