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Young Bo Bo Chicken

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Weekly sold 500+
Brand:Bo Bo Poultry Market


Young Bo Bo Chicken - Whole, Buddhist-Style, Slow-Grown Traditional Breed, Free Roaming.

Keep Frozen: 1 year



Originally from France, our signature Bo Bo Chicken is a slow-grown traditional breed renowned for its texture and taste. Prized in Asian, European and South American kitchens, this chicken requires no heavy marinades or sauces to shine. It is an irreplaceable ingredient in countless Asian recipes. Look for the red label for a natural flavor you can't shortcut or replace. As one of our clients said, “Bo Bo chicken is the chicken I remember from my childhood in Japan.”



This chicken is sold Buddhist-style with the head and feet on because the whole chicken is a Chinese symbol of completeness and togetherness. Use it to recreate dishes like Cantonese White-Cut Poached chicken, Hainanese Chicken, Soy Sauce Chicken and many comforting soups.


Bo Bo Chicken:

• Traditional Breed

• Color Plumage

• Slow Grown 

• Free Roaming

• Head and feet on

• Liver, Gizzard and Heart included (Recommended for Chinese New Year/Asian Holiday Dinners)


Our Farm:

• NYS Grown and Certified Farm

• Catskill Mountain Spring-fed Poultry


Our Processing Plant:

• USDA-inspected, Buddhist-style

• Traditional artisanal processing

• Located in Brooklyn, NY



• Immigrant founded, immigrant operated, immigrant owned

• Originally created to serve Asians' unique needs.

• Vertically Integrated Operation

• Family owned and operated since 1985

• Minority Women-Owned Business


Bo Bo Chicken, Old Hen, Bo Bo Silky (counter clockwise)

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