Ong Choy Mieu 1 lb

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Ong Choy Mieu 1 lb
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The dishes are clean and fresh, and not bad.
The fruits and vegetables presented this time are all very fresh. Except for this water spinach, it seems that the spinach has not been very fresh all the time. It should be because it is not very good to preserve, so buy it occasionally.
Not can repurchase...
Stuffed yellow, and the taste of the dishes is not fresh. It's not new.
The portion is large and it is very fresh this time. Clean without soil
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United States
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1 lb

Not to be confused with King Kong, the big hairy guy swatting at helicopters from skyscrapers. Kangkong (or water spinach in English) is the Tagalog name for this vegetable made popular in Chinese dishes. Stir fry the Ong Choy with some garlic and your favorite sauce, and you've got yourself a winning side dish.