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Buy banh online

Banh: A Delicious Vietnamese Delight

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Song Huong Stuffed Tapioca Dumplings Frozen

Song Huong Stuffed Tapioca Dumplings Frozen

This delectable item aligns with "Banh", an umbrella term for a variety of Vietnamese dishes. As a renowned offering, these savoury dumplings radiate a delightful taste with tapioca starch and stuffed filling. Being a frozen product not only guarantees extended shelf life and freshness upon cooking but also provides convenience for those impromptu cravings. These dumplings can be integrated into various Asian cuisines, elevating the gastronomic experience. Rich in good carbohydrates and low in fat, it's a wholesome choice.

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CT Choice Nau's Ramie Leaf Rice Cake (6pcs)

CT Choice Nau's Ramie Leaf Rice Cake (6pcs)

The CT Choice Nau's Ramie Leaf Rice Cakes perfectly fit the bill for Asian delicacies known as 'Banh.' Notably, each pack comes with 6 pieces, making it the go-to option for family bonding or small gatherings. Infused with the distinct flavor of Ramie leaves, they add a unique touch to Asian dishes like Banh Bao or Banh Mi. As a healthy choice, these rice cakes are made from premium ingredients, ensuring a blend of taste and nutrition. Packed frozen for convenience, they retain freshness while ensuring a prolonged shelf life. A perfect blend of health, convenience, and taste for Banh lovers!

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Song Huong Flat Steamed Rice Dumplings, Frozen 300 g

Song Huong Flat Steamed Rice Dumplings, Frozen 300 g

Song Huong Flat Steamed Rice Dumplings are perfect when craving Banh, a popular Asian delicacy. These dumplings can be enjoyed as a tasty side dish or main meal. Its smooth texture and unique flavors cater to a variety of palates. Buying it frozen is highly convenient, enabling instant gastronomic delight, eliminating prep time and enhancing dish freshness. Plus, with 300g of this healthy, gluten-free product, you've got a hearty, nutritious meal option ready at hand.

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Newtown Coconut Cookies (Banh Thuc Linh) Frozen

Newtown Coconut Cookies (Banh Thuc Linh) Frozen

These Newtown Coconut Cookies, known as Banh Thuc Linh, are perfect for those craving a taste of Asia. The cookies have a distinct coconut flavor, adding a sweet touch to your snack time or dessert. And, as they come frozen, they retain freshness and quality until you're ready to enjoy them. Moreover, being frozen ensures easy storage and long shelf life. Try them today for a unique, tasty treat. They can also be an exquisite part of Asian dessert platters. These cookies are a preferred choice for Banh enthusiasts. They are not only delicious but offer nutritionist's recommended health benefits due to coconut's natural properties.

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Phuc An Glutinous Rice Cake with Simmered Shrimp

Phuc An Glutinous Rice Cake with Simmered Shrimp

"Phuc An Glutinous Rice Cake with Simmered Shrimp" is a great pick for Banh lovers. It is a savory traditional Vietnamese dish (Banh), enriched with succulent shrimp, making it a flavorful experience. You can incorporate it into your meals as a main dish or a snack. If it's available frozen, convenience doubles as it can be stored and used when needed, reducing preparation time. Its nutritious ingredients, like rice and shrimp, make it a healthy eat too. Ideal for those after Banh, Vietnamese cuisine, or a healthy tasty treat.

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Popular recipes

Steamed Banh with Asian Greens

This light and healthy recipe features steamed banh with a mix of fresh Asian greens, topped with a flavorful ginger soy sauce.

Banh Cong in Instant Pot

These crispy Vietnamese mini pancakes are made in a fraction of the time using an Instant Pot, perfect for a quick and delicious snack or appetizer.

Stir-Fried Banh with Tofu and Vegetables

This stir fry dish combines sliced banh with marinated tofu and a colorful mix of vegetables, all stir-fried to perfection with a savory sauce.

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Frequently asked questions

What is banh?

Banh is a Vietnamese term that refers to various types of pastries, cakes, and breads.

What are some popular types of banh?

Some popular types of banh include banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), banh xeo (Vietnamese savory pancake), and banh bao (steamed bun).

What are the main ingredients in banh?

The main ingredients in banh vary depending on the specific type of banh, but common ingredients include rice flour, wheat flour, sugar, and eggs.

Is banh difficult to make at home?

The difficulty of making banh at home depends on the type of banh and your level of cooking experience. Some types of banh may be more challenging to make than others.

Is banh a healthy food option?

The healthiness of banh depends on the ingredients and how it is prepared. Some varieties of banh may be more nutritious than others.

How long does banh stay fresh for?

The shelf life of banh varies depending on the type of banh and how it is stored. Generally, banh should be consumed within a few days of being made for optimal freshness.

What is the best way to reheat banh?

The best way to reheat banh depends on the type of banh. In general, it is best to reheat banh in the oven or toaster oven to help maintain its texture and flavor.

Is banh a traditional Vietnamese food?

Yes, banh is a traditional Vietnamese food that is enjoyed in various forms throughout the country.

How is banh pronounced?

Banh is pronounced like 'bun' with a slight 'y' sound at the end.

Is banh gluten-free?

It depends on the specific ingredients used to make the banh. Some varieties may be gluten-free, while others may contain gluten.

Is banh sweet or savory?

Banh can be either sweet or savory, depending on the type of banh being made.

What are some common ways to serve banh?

Banh can be served on its own as a snack or dessert, or it can be paired with other dishes as part of a meal.

Can banh be frozen for later use?

Yes, banh can typically be frozen for later use. Just make sure to store it in an airtight container or bag to maintain freshness.

Are there any vegan options for banh?

Yes, there are vegan options for banh that use plant-based ingredients instead of animal products.

Can banh be made ahead of time for a party?

Yes, banh can typically be made ahead of time for a party. Just make sure to store it properly to maintain freshness until serving.

Where can I buy banh?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,