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Jongga Sliced Cabbage Kimchi 400 g

Imported from Korea
Freshness Guarantee
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Made In:South KoreaUnit Qty:400 gBrand:Jongga


Korea's leading food maker, Daesang FNF manufactures and exports various packed kimchi under its own Jongga¡± brand, which is made with fresh and safe raw materials. Only high-quality raw materials are selected and processed in a clean environment that conforms to HACCP while all of its products are kept fresh through cold chain system from ordering to delivery.

Jongga uses the exclusively fermentation recipe, which is designed to allow Leuconostoc species to actively move to create the fresh taste of Jongga kimchi. The Leuconostoc species (DRC0211) prevents the taste of kimchi from souring by controlling Lactobacillus plantarum breeding, leading to well-ripening taste of kimchi.

Jongga also uses high-quality sea salt made by the heat of the sun from Shinan, Koreans most famous producing region of the natural salt. The cut cabbages are soaked in the natural sea salt at low temperature, producing less salty kimchi.


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