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Tong Ho (Chrysanthemum Greens)

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Tong Ho is also known as the "Emperor's vegetable", its root is uniform, moist and crisp, green leaves, but also with a chrysanthemum-like fragrance, although ordinary-looking, but nutritious, is a common seasonal vegetables on the home table.

Storage conditions: room temperature and dry place, it is recommended to refrigerate.


Recommended recipe: Stir-fried Tong Ho

Ingredients: Tong Ho, garlic


1 Wash and cut the Tong Ho, garlic, peel and cut into froth.

2 Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pot.

3 Add the chopped garlic and pop it.

4 Pour the Tong Ho into the pot and stir-fry quickly for a while.

5 Add the right amount of salt, the right amount of chicken essence.

6 Delicious green fried Tong Ho is ready.