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Culver All Natural Head and Feet off Whole Body Duck Frozen 4.5-5 lb

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Selection of high-quality duck meat, the duck meat is mellow and thick, the meat is firm and delicate, rich in nutrients and good absorption. Suitable for making Peking duck, brine duck, beer duck, etc.

Roast duck: After thawing, follow the traditional roast duck recipe and roasting method to make delicious Peking duck.

Soup: Put the frozen duck together with chicken bones, duck feet, ginger and wolfberries into a pot and add water to make soup, which can make a nutritious duck soup.

Stir-fried duck meat: Frozen duck is cut into thin slices or shredded, and stir-fried with appropriate amount of seasonings and vegetables to make a good color and flavor of stir-fried duck meat.

Duck hotpot: Frozen duck meat sliced, with a variety of vegetables, tofu, etc., to make a delicious duck hotpot.

Ingredients: Whole duck.

Storage conditions: Keep frozen.

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